Redux Roofing & Exteriors is the number one go-to guy in the area when the need arises for storm damage specialists. They know how to assess the damage and how to repair roofs that have been victimized by nature’s fury.

Although most insurance companies allow a window period of two years for to make a claim after a damaging storm strikes, assessing storm damage from the ground is truly difficult.

Hence, you need the help of Redux Roofing & Exteriors in order to verify that, indeed, your roof has been damaged by a storm and to assess the extent of the damage.

Assessing Wind Damage

Here’s something you need to know: roofs supplied by roof contractors undergo rigorous tests to determine how much wind resistance they can pack. The tests depend on the type of roof, although usually, steep slope roofing materials are tested under the standard test method for wind resistance called ASTM d3161. Prepared roof covering materials, on the other hand, are subjected to UL 997. In any case, ordinary shingles normally carry a minimum wind resistance rating of 60 MPH while specialty shingles rate as much as 130 MPH.

Wind usually blows at any time during the day (or night), so it shouldn’t really be a problem. It only merits assessment when it starts moving materials on your roof. Some of these materials could get suctioned under the roof during the storm, and once the roofing material’s underside becomes exposed, rain can get it.

Repeated wind cycles could cause serious damage that usually starts small. When shingles start missing, then obviously, your roof has gone through some serious wind damage. Redux Roofing & Exteriors will then step in for a detailed inspection and assessment to identify the full extent of damage to your roof.